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Are Branded USB Sticks the new Promotional Powerhouse?

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Although we have been supplying branded USB Sticks for a number of years now, over he last 6-12 months we have seen a trickle move to a steady stream. We believe that this sharp increase in the uptake of branded USB Sticks from a wide range of industry sectors signals a new powerhouse in the promotional product stable. This high tech and extremely useful promotional tool is used with great effect to distribute and share data for a range of different reasons. The USB then takes on a life of it's own as a handy data storage tool for the recipient for many years.

Printed USB Flash Drives are a great way to promote your company and they brilliant for conferences, exhibitions, seminars where you might want to consider preloading data onto the printed USB sticks. Pre-loading sales material, sales brochures, price lists, contact information, links to your web site is increasingly popular and is easily done pre or post manufacture.

Promotional USB's (also known as Branded USB's, Logo USB Memory Sticks, Printed USB Sticks, Custom Flash Drives, Personalised USB) are available in many standard shapes including, keys, pens, credit cards, people, corks, jewelery, wristbands, metal, rubber, plastic, wood, silicon and so on. They are generally printed in up to 4 spot with a logo but some models can be printed in a full colour photo print - see the YouTube video below demonstrating a full colour printed credit card USB. We can also fully customise the shape into just about anything that can be conceptualised from fruit & confectionery to planes, trains and automobiles. With customised USB's you are really only limited by your imagination.

Branded USB's are available from 1GB - 64GB in memory size and as the size increases so does the cost. The NAND Flash Memory Chip is the most expensive part of the item. To give you an idea around memory size.... a USB Stick with 2GB memory allows you to fit 500 songs or 1300 photos or 8 hours of video on the USB.

Performance is a big consideration when purchasing memory sticks (not just looks) so make sure that you always ask for only Grade A memory chips in the USB. Grade A memory means that they will be a tier one chip (Samsung, Intel Micron etc.) and not a reject chip or multiple smaller memory chips installed into the USB to make up a larger capacity. (Mandeville Marketing only uses A Grade Chips) 

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Here are some of the ways that we are seeing Branded USB Sticks utilised more & more recently

  • Companies (small & large) distributing new product information and price lists to distributors and resellers
  • Photographers making the change from presenting clients photos on a CD Rom to USB Sticks
  • Builders & Architects sending house plans and designs to clients and potential clients
  • Wineries launching new vintages and product information globally
  • Real Esate agents providing listing & auction packs to clients
  • Universties & Schools providing course notes & information to students
  • Pharmaceutical Companies launching new product ranges and info
  • Corporates launching sales kick offs and incentive schemes to staff
  • Lawyers & Accountants providing information to existing and potential clients
  • A very popular conference / seminar item - all notes pre loaded onto the device

John Deere - Swivel Flash Drive 



USB Cork


  Full Colour USB Credit Card