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Custom branded LEATHERMAN Multi Tools now available at Mandeville Marketing

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Leatherman is the original multi-tool brand and is renowned for producing extremely high quality tools. Made in the USA from 100% stainless steel, all tools are supported by a 25 year warranty.

The legend that is the Leatherman brand began in 1976, when Tim Leatherman took his wife on a car trip through Europe. Plagued by fix-it situations like leaky hotel-room pipes and a Fiat with a cranky engine, Tim created a cardboard prototype for the ultimate pocket survival tool. Seven years and a great deal of hard work later, that prototype became the first Leatherman multi-tool.


Leatherman’s product range now includes a wide range of multi-tools—from small keyring models to professional quality tools—with varying features on each model to ensure that there’s a Leatherman to suit every purpose. Whether your interests include cycling, boating, camping, DIY, fishing, gardening, hunting, off-road, scouting or shooting, there is a Leatherman perfectly suited for every job.

Leatherman multi-tools are made to withstand all conditions and tasks they encounter. Hand-built by engineers, machinists and assemblers in the Oregon factory, every handle, every jaw, every screwdriver, knife and saw is carefully crafted, leaving no detail unfinished. This results in products people can depend on for their own jobs, emergencies, simple fix-its, and random challenges—making it easy for Leatherman owners to live up to the company’s motto—leave nothing undone.