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Custom branded LED LENSER now available at Mandeville Marketing

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LED LENSER lights are a technological sensation! Since their introduction to New Zealand in 2004, they have revolutionised personal lighting with their incredible brightness, range and burn time.

LED LENSER are the worldwide leader of LED light manufacturing with more than 200 patents and awards for design and engineering, including the Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology. Incredibly compact, LED LENSER lights can provide up to 300 hours of light from one set of batteries and up to 100,000 hours of light from LED light chips.

LED LENSER continues to lead the way, producing innovative new torches and headlamps like the XEO 19R that sets new benchmarks in performance.

All LED Lenser products are covered by a comprehensive 5 year world-wide warranty.

Advanced Focus System

Many LED LENSER models feature the patented Advanced Focus System (AFS). This lens and reflector technology lets you choose between a broad floodlight or a sharply focused long-distance beam. The transition between the two light options is seamless.

Smart Light Technology

A number of LED LENSER models feature Smart Light Technology, which lets you customise your torch to your individual needs. Simply by clicking the tail switch, you can choose between different energy modes and light programmes with up to 8 different light functions.