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Managed Merchandise Program

Our Managed Merchandise Program is where we work together (Buzz Brand Promotions and your company) on a core range of branded merchandise. The range is generally reviewed/refreshed every 12-18 months or as required. Your stock (branded merchandise) is located at our Auckland Warehouse where we manage the pick, pack and dispatch of process.

Your merchandise range is deployed on an e-commerce website enabling online ordering by any authorised person within your organisation for next day dispatch. We already work with more than 30 brands within our Managed Merchandise Program, warehousing merchandise in New Zealand as well as Australia on their behalf so we have tonnes of experience.

Why Partner with Buzz Brand Promotions?

1. We have been established in this industry for 32 plus years and are the longest serving promotional product specialist in New Zealand.

2. We are already trusted by over 30 brands taking care of production, warehousing and despatch of all their branded merchandise.

3. You will save a significant amount of time and money by letting us manage this side of your merchandise program.

4. You will not run out of merchandise again as our inventory system will notify us as soon as you reach your minimum stock level and we will automatically reorder for you (you still have to approve each new order so still maintain 100% control on the purse strings)

5. You have your very own merchandise, logistics and freight guru taking care of things behind the scenes, letting you focus on your core business.

6. We are extremely competitive in terms of costs. If your annual branded merchandise spend reaches $50k we offer the e-commerce site and merchandise storage for free, you just pay for the freight of your merchandise each time you process an order.

7. We have warehouses in Auckland, New Zealand as well as Sydney, Australia so can manage your merchandise in both countries. 

How Big do I have to be?

We can manage your branded merchandise starting at just a few cartons of stock right up to hundreds of pallets if required. An average size clients has 2-3 pallets of merchandise in our warehouse at any one time.

How quickly can we get things up and running?

A good rule of thumb is 4 weeks. This covers the production of your merchandise (local production) as well as having your e-commerce site up and running and ready for you to start using. If we are working on off-shore production of your merchandise then the timeline will be around 8-10 weeks depending on whether we are importing your goods via airfreight or seafreight.