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Mandeville Marketing rebrands after 32 years

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Summer 2015 - New Product Releases

It's that time of year that we all enjoy and spring is certainly in the air. Now is a great time to plan for your summer and Xmas promotions as suppliers have just released a pile of new products.Check them out here....  New Products

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10 Top Tips for a Successful Trade Show Booth

Attracting Prospects to Your BoothA trade show is a place where buyers and sellers meet. The benefit is that buyers come to a trade show looking to buy and wanting to learn about the latest and greatest that you have to offer.The problem is the amount of competition you have in the direct vicinity. The [...]

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Key Facts about Promotional Products

Promotional Products Adding a promotional product to the media mix generated favorable attitudes toward a print ad in all cases (up to 44%). The use of a promotional product as the advertising medium alone achieved maximum impact, up to 69% increasing brand interest and 84% in creating a good impression of the brand.Of an audience consisting of the average American [...]

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9 Startling Market Statistics You Need to Know

Marketing is all about adapting to constantly changing technologies, strategies and norms. A great deal of creativity, skill and knowledge is required to navigate these murky waters and come out on the other side with fresh ideas to jumpstart marketing practices.To inspire innovation and disrupt your current schemas of understanding, check out these nine surprising [...]

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Colour Physocology In Marketing: The Complete Guide

Colour is a cue that gets your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do. How you use color also affects the usability–whether they can read it or not–of your content.Colour can change your message. Choose poor colour [...]

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The A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

We can of course always supply all sorts of branded merchandise to help with your fundraising drives but check the extra creative list below the pic. There are nearly 100 ways that your school, club or community group can put into play in order to raise for that next project.    Fundraising Pens   [...]

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Promotional Products & Brand Recognition

Promotional products have been a popular choice for marketing and advertising campaigns for many years.Now that advertising on the internet provides such great detail on tracking the results of advertising, it is important to show that promotional products and branded gifts have a positive effect on your brand and sales.The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) [...]

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What's BPA, and do I really need a new water bottle?

BPA is the main component of polycarbonate, the hard, clear plastic sometimes used to make water bottles, baby bottles, food storage containers and other items like contact lenses, CDs and electronics devices. BPA is even used in places you wouldn't normally think of, like the protective lining in tin cans and in dental sealants. If [...]

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Cobham School Turns to Colour........

Check out Cobham School's latest addition to their school merchandise range.... Full colour Flash Drives.. what a great result!! 

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